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​Since then, the Haywoods and volunteers have traveled extensively to meet needs in many lands. They have distributed food, toys and other supplies to schools and orphanages; and medical equipment to emergency hospitals-in Kenya, Ecuador, Russia, Panama, Honduras, and returned to Haiti many times.

About Us

Helping Hands Ministry, Inc. is a non-denominational Christian ministry that delivers goods at no charge to the poor all over the world. We provide the link between those in need and the Christian churches or organizations that give to them. The ministry is designated (501)(c)(3). All contributions are 100% tax-deductible.

​Helping Hands Ministry was founded in June of 1996 by Tony and Donna Haywood, with the Lord’s direction.  They started out shipping computers and other supplies to Haiti. However, their focus and scope of ministry has changed a lot over the past two decades.

Their first warehouse was a twelve-by-sixteen wood building which the Haywood's built on their property. Although they thought this would be plenty big for anything they were going to do, they found out quickly that God had other ideas. Their first large donation filled it up! We were donated 4200 pairs of winter knee high socks, and 360 dozen pairs of gloves.

Since Haiti could not use those, Tony and Donna wondered what they were going to do with this donation. Two weeks later, a couple contacted Helping Hands Ministry, saying their church had put them in charge of locating socks for a shipment to Bosnia. They asked if the Haywoods knew where they could get some!They went into the Bosnia shipment along with some small pieces of furniture.