Kenya Orphanage

Helping Hands Ministry was instrumental in funding and building the Orphanage and Widows Huts during 2004-2005. It is located in Busia, Kenya.

Over the years, Helping Hands Ministry has provided many supplies and other aid for the orphanage. For example, in order to provide the children's need for fresh milk, we purchased a cow which was close to being ready to have a calf, which ensured the production of milk. She took a while to find, but it was well worth it. She is not only providing fresh milk for the children, but she has already given birth to one calf, and has another on the way!

We were informed that the pasture grass needed to be resown with a better grass to sustain the cows, so hay did not have to be purchased. We had to send money to prepare the soil and then sprig the grass. Helping Hands Ministry paid for a stall to be built to keep the cows in at night.

In addition, the orphans receive plenty of protein from eggs laid by approximately 50 hens, which were donated by Helping Hands Ministry. We also sent money for a chicken pen to be built. The pasture was upgraded by tilling the soil and sprigging a new better grass for the cows. This saves money, since hay does not have to be purchased.

Mattresses were recently transported to the Kenya orphanage (some children were having to sleep on the floor). Macintosh is a plastic covering that we purchased to put on all the mattresses we paid for. This should help them last a lot longer. Also, new clothing was purchased for all the orphans. 

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