Rhodell Community Baptist Church in West Virginia

Robbins Area Christian Ministries has reached out for help to keep their food bank full. If funds weren't available through Helping Hands, Tony and Donna have been known to shop out of their personal budget if they found out the shelves were empty.

Robbins Area Christian Ministries in Robbins, NC

Bible Provision in North Carolina

U.S. Missions: Special Projects

The Karen People are refugees from Myanmar. Once they qualify for relocation they are moved, and household items must be provided according to US government standards for each family. Helping Hands assisted with this Karen family's move. They were in the camp about 4 years before qualifying to come to the USA. They are some of the few who speak fairly good English. They attend Friendly Ave. Karen Church. David Lovin is pictured with this family.

Helping Hands Ministry has helped to set up multiple food closets in West Virginia in order for the poor to survive through the winter months.

Greensboro, NC

Shiloh Baptist Church - Welch, West Virginia

Helping Hands Ministry was contacted by an ethnic group known as 'Hmong', who asked for Bibles in their native language. These people live in North Carolina, but originate primarily from Vietnam and Laos.​ Representatives from Helping Hands Ministry donated 42 Bibles for the congregation of a Hmong Church.

Bradshaw, West Virginia

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