Scott Miller
Enlaces con Cristo
Comayagua, Comayagua 12101

To whom it may concern:

Hello, my name is Scott Miller, I had the privilege of meeting the founders of Helping Hands Ministries, Tony and Donna Haywood in 1999 when we were heavily involved in emergency relief efforts after hurricane Mitch. What a blessing their ministry was and still is to the people of Honduras.

Do you know that their ministry alone has shipped well over 210,000 POUNDS of humanitarian aid to Honduras? Mind you this aid is not just your ordinary garage sale stuff! No, we’re talking ambulances, hospital beds, medical equipment such as x-ray machines, school furniture and supplies, office furniture, computers, dental clinics, linens, and towels the list goes on and on. These things may seem like no big deal to the average person who is accustomed to going to the hospital and having an x-ray machine that actually works or a bed (with a sheet on it) to lie on. Or taking a trip to the dentist and having a REAL dental chair to sit in instead of a regular plastic chair where someone holds your head while the dentist pulls your tooth because he has no other equipment to fix teeth.

Helping Hands Ministry has not just sent down aid, no they have sent down a new quality of life for some of the people in Honduras. (I say some because there is still a vast area to cover) For example when our city received the ambulance that was sent by Helping Hands, the people were so excited because before the ambulance the only way to get someone to the hospital who had, been in an accident was by putting them in the back of a pickup truck or flagging a taxi. The people are proud of the equipment they are receiving therefore it boost their self esteem. That in itself is priceless when you work with people in a third world country.

It has not just been adults that have been on the receiving end but the children as well. We have been able to bless schools and orphanages with school supplies donated through Helping Hands Ministry. Please keep in mind these are like one room school houses. There are no books for the children; everything they must study has to be copied down from the black board. That’s a very difficult task for some when they can’t afford paper or pencil to write with. We could go on and on about the many blessing that have come to Honduras by way of Helping Hands Ministry. They have been a true blessing to us and the people of Honduras.

We do want to thank those of you who live in Moore County and the surrounding areas, who have in some way, either by tangible donations, money donations, or by giving time helping to pack things in the ministries ware-house.

Thank you for making these blessings possible to the people of Honduras.
If you have not supported this ministry we would ask that you prayerfully consider it because we know that Helping Hands Ministry could use a few more “helping hands”!

   God bless you all,
   Scott Miller
   Note: Scott went home to be with the Lord in 2002 – The ministry remains strong under the guidance of Scott’s widow, Sandi and her husband, Pastor Currie Burgess.

National Council of Negro Women
West Africa Regional Office – NCNW /WARO
Sicap AmitieII – Villa N 4178 – BP 2984 Dakar, Senegal- NINE : 0087264

NCNW/West Africa Regional Office was very happy to receive your gift of hospital materials from Mr. Michael Treadway and Ms. Cathelyn Chapman. We would like to take this opportunity to thank you very much for you kind contribution in our efforts to help our partners in improving their health conditions.

   Dr. Wendy Wilson Fall
   Acting Director
   West Africa Region

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Testimonials from Ministry Recipients

We received the following letter from Sandi Miller Burgess, Founder of Bridge Ministries / Enlaces con Cristo. Sent June 1, 2018

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Keur Xaleyi Community Development Project
Building For The Future Child 2000

“Assalamou Aleykoum, Nanga def, Ana waa ker gui” (How are you? How is your family?)

Dear Mr. Tony Haywood,

After receving from your Helping Hands Ministry many different supplies for our youth at “Keur Xaleyi,” we are so happy to send you this letter of thanks. Through the SAO, you have positively contributed to the growth of House Of The Children.

The different supplies namely clothes, cosmetics, toys, and other useful items you sent were in excellent condition, abundant, and very appreciated. They were brought and freely distributed to our children by the US Military (ARRIFI) Civil Assistance Office led by Mrs. Chapman and Mr. Tramway.
So we are grateful to you for this important Help, this positive Assistance which came at the right place, at the right momemt.

Presently, we are working with our Solar System Community Development Project Child 2000, and we really need the Helping Hands. So we thank you a lot for your big Help with the Hope of keeping contact with you.

   Grateful Feelings,
   The Secretary General
   Mr. Ndiol Cahire

To be able to donate, to give to the people here, who have nothing, is one of the greatest blessings we can be part of. I have seen the doctors receive medical equipment with tears in their eyes because they thought they would never have exam tables. I have seen women receive shoes for their children and say, “Now my child can go to school.” Without Helping Hands, we couldn’t do so much of what we do. Your partnership with us is immeasurable!! And you can quote me!

   Susan Smith

It brings me great joy to be writing you and I want to thank God for putting it on your hearts to bless me like you did. Believe me that from the bottom of my heart I am very happy and thankful for you as are the rest of my family. I am a 15 year-old girl that has been sitting in a regular chair all those years. But today I feel like I have hope in my life again and that I can be a happy child.

Since I was born I have had a handicap in one hand and both my legs. My mom told me it was polio. But with the donation of this wheel chair you have given me a lot of hope for life. I don’t have words to tell you how grateful I truly am for you. And I hope that God, who can do anything, will bless you greatly. My family has been blessed as well, and is deeply grateful.

Again thank you, thank you, thank you very much. From today on I will be your best friend.

   Elsi Damaris Cantarero Reyes

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